Deputy Minister Committee Mandates and Memberships

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Committee Members
Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers (CCDM) - Provides a forum for discussion of Government policy and priorities and ensures coordination across the deputy minister committees. Janice Charette (Chair)*, Michael Wernick (Vice-Chair), Yaprak Baltacioglu, Michelle d’Auray, Richard Fadden, Graham Flack, Bob Hamilton, Daniel Jean, John Knubley, Louis Lévesque, Stephen Lucas, Michael Martin, Bill Pentney, Paul Rochon, Ian Shugart
Committee of Senior Officials (COSO) - Functions as the human resources committee for the senior executive cadre of the public service. Janice Charette (Chair), Michael Wernick (Vice-Chair), Yaprak Baltacioglu, Michelle d’Auray, Richard Fadden, Liseanne Forand, François Guimont, Daniel Jean, John Knubley, Paul Rochon, Ian Shugart, Daniel Watson
Board of Management and Renewal (BoMR) - Provides a forum to discuss major management reforms and the renewal of the Public Service, with a focus on advancing whole-ofgovernment approaches to external and internal service delivery, and positioning the Public Service for the future.- Janice Charette (Chair), Michael Wernick (Vice-Chair), Yaprak Baltacioglu, Michelle d’Auray, Liseanne Forand, François Guimont, Matthew King, Louise Levonian, Linda Lizotte-MacPherson, Luc Portelance, Ian Shugart, Andrew Treusch, Coleen Volk, Daniel Watson
Economic Trends and Policies (ETP) - Examines trends and develops scenarios with respect to economic issues and future challenges to Canadian competitiveness and longterm prosperity, including flows in trade and investment, the effects of new technologies on policy, ethical issues and regulatory capacity. Examines the role of government and the impact of policy interventions such as regulatory frameworks, labour market policies and incentives for investment, in sectors such as transport, infrastructure, manufacturing, natural resources, fisheries and agriculture. Louis Lévesque (Co-Chair), John Knubley (Co-Chair), Bruce Archibald, Anita Biguzs, Peter Boehm, Michelle d’Auray, Karen Ellis, Graham Flack, Bob Hamilton, Bill Jones, Simon Kennedy, Pierre Legault, Louise Levonian, Leslie MacLean, Michael Martin, Bill Matthews, David McGovern, Daphne Meredith, Timothy Sargent, Wayne Smith, Lori Sterling, Jean-François Tremblay
Climate Change, Energy and the Environment (CCEE) - Examines trends and develops scenarios with respect to environmental issues, both domestically and internationally, such as energy production and use, climate change and the stewardship of resources and natural capital, including sector-specific environmental issues and impacts. Examines the impact of policy interventions, such as the prevention and mitigation of, and the adjustment and adaptation to environmental impacts, as well as the effect of developments in environmental sciences and technologies. Bob Hamilton (Co-Chair), Michael Martin (Co-Chair), Bruce Archibald, Peter Boehm, Paul Glover, François Guimont, Janet King, Matthew King, Yazmine Laroche, Hélène Laurendeau, Gavin Liddy, Andrea Lyon, Stephen Lucas, Daphne Meredith, Marta Morgan, Wayne Smith, Andrew Treusch, Coleen Volk
Social Trends, Policies and Institutions (STPI) - Examines trends and develops scenarios with respect to social issues, including inequality and the exclusion of at-risk groups, crime and justice issues and threats to our health and well-being, individually and in our communities. Examines the impact of policy interventions to address these issues and to strengthen communities and belonging, and the role played by institutions and jurisdictions in these efforts. Ian Shugart (Co-Chair), Bill Pentney (Co-Chair), Patrick Borbey, Helena Borges, Malcolm Brown, Michel Coulombe, George Da Pont, Carolina Giliberti, Michael Keenan, Paul LeBlanc, Marie Lemay, Marta Morgan, Walter Natynczyk, John Ossowski, Krista Outhwaite, Ron Parker, Wayne Smith, Colleen Swords, Lori Sterling, Jean-François Tremblay, Wilma Vreeswijk
Global Trends, Foreign Affairs and Defence Issues (GTFAD) - Examines trends and develops scenarios with respect to international and defence issues, including shifting global power dynamics, failing states and other potential threats to international stability, as well as the objectives and impact of policy interventions such as diplomacy, military efforts, development assistance, state-building and support for human rights, democracy and global institutions. Richard Fadden (Co-Chair), Daniel Jean (Co-Chair), Anita Biguzs, Malcolm Brown, John Forster, Simon Fothergill, Paul Glover, Bob Hamilton, Simon Kennedy, Pierre Legault, Louis Lévesque, Stephen Lucas, Walter Natynczyk, John Ossowski, Luc Portelance, Stephen Rigby, Timothy Sargent
National Security (NS) - Considers security, defence and foreign policy issues and priorities and their linkages in order to provide coherent, integrated advice to the PM, and Cabinet committees as required; provides strategic advice on the PM’s international agenda and on the Government’s major international commitments or engagements; coordinates the Government’s responses to crises that engage the national interest; oversees the development and implementation of key strategies such as the foreign policy plan; monitors progress on the implementation and management of national security and intelligence priorities; commissions and reviews relevant foreign intelligence and threat assessments in support of these issues. This committee will be supported by specialized sub-committees, for example: border security, intelligence programs, activities and legal issues. Stephen Rigby (Chair), Anita Biguzs, Michel Coulombe, Richard Fadden, Liseanne Forand, John Forster, François Guimont, Don Head, Daniel Jean, John Knubley, Thomas Lawson, Louis Lévesque, David McGovern, Krista Outhwaite, Bob Paulson, Bill Pentney, Luc Portelance, Paul Rochon, Colleen Swords
Public Service Management Advisory Committee (PSMAC) - Provides a forum for discussion of the public service management agenda. Yaprak Baltacioglu (Co-Chair), Daniel Watson (Co-Chair), Peter Boehm, Patrick Borbey, Helena Borges, Greta Bossenmaier, Michel Coulombe, Gérald Cossette, George Da Pont, Karen Ellis, Liseanne Forand, John Forster, Simon Fothergill, Carolina Giliberti, François Guimont, Don Head, Bill Jones, Michael Keenan, Janet King, Matthew King, Hélène Laurendeau, Paul LeBlanc, Pierre Legault, Marie Lemay, Louise Levonian, Gavin Liddy, Linda Lizotte-MacPherson, Michael Martin, Bill Matthews, Daphne Meredith, Marta Morgan, Krista Outhwaite, Ron Parker, Anne-Marie Robinson, Nada Semaan, Anne Marie Smart, Wayne Smith, Lori Sterling, Andrew Treusch, Coleen Volk, Wilma Vreeswijk
Public Service Commission Advisory Committee (PSCAC) - Provides a forum for discussion of the staffing and assessment services provided by the Public Service Commission. Anne-Marie Robinson (Chair), Marc Grégoire, Bill Jones, Linda Lizotte-MacPherson, Andrea Lyon, Ron Parker, Nada Semaan, Daniel Watson
Policy Innovation (PI) - Examines trends and new technologies with the potential to strengthen or transform policy development and delivery, and test and assess innovative approaches that will enhance policy outcomes. Graham Flack (Co-Chair), Stephen Lucas (Co-Chair), Greta Bossenmaier, Corinne Charette, Michael Keenan, Simon Kennedy, Hélène Laurendeau, Marta Morgan, John Ossowski, Anne Marie Smart, Andrew Treusch, Grant Westcott, Gina Wilson
Canada School of Public Service Advisory Committee (CSPSAC) - Provides the Canada School of Public Service with strategic advice and direction, particularly related to its learning and development products and services for the Public Service. Linda Lizotte-MacPherson (Co-Chair), Daniel Watson (Co-Chair), Margaret Biggs, George Da Pont, Karen Ellis, Carolina Giliberti, Michael Keenan, Yazmine Laroche, Louise Levonian, Leslie MacLean, Krista Outhwaite, Nada Semaan, Coleen Volk, Gina Wilson
Deputy Ministers' Breakfast (DMB) Janice Charette (Chair), Michael Wernick (Vice-Chair), Bruce Archibald, Yaprak Baltacioglu, Anita Biguzs, Malcolm Brown, Michel Coulombe, George Da Pont, Michelle d’Auray, Karen Ellis, Richard Fadden, Graham Flack, Simon Fothergill, Liseanne Forand, John Forster, François Guimont, Bob Hamilton, Don Head, Daniel Jean, Simon Kennedy, Janet King, Matthew King, John Knubley, Paul LeBlanc, Marie Lemay, Louis Lévesque, Linda Lizotte-MacPherson, Stephen Lucas, Andrea Lyon, Michael Martin, Daphne Meredith, Krista Outhwaite, Bill Pentney, Luc Portelance, Stephen Rigby, Paul Rochon, Ian Shugart, Wayne Smith, Lori Sterling, Colleen Swords, Jean-François Tremblay, Andrew Treusch, Coleen Volk, Daniel Watson

*The Clerk and the Deputy Clerk are ex-officio members of all committees.